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SmartfulWorks believes everyone is a unique leader who has strengths and passions to offer their teams, organizations, communities and families. We work with leaders to better understand themselves and with their team members to achieve their goals and desires fully, through stakeholder feedback interviews, action planning, and coaching. Coaching can be performed to enhance your leadership muscles during a career transition, or help with the tricky balance of life and work.

SmartfulWorks can offer a more structured, proven executive coaching process, or clients can choose to engage in a less structured, more in-the-moment coaching experience.

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Executive Coaching Process

Initial Interviews – Establishing Objectives for Coaching
  • Initial meeting with client
  • 3-way conversations with manager
  • Stakeholder interviews with 5-7 key stakeholders which the client chooses, typically those who work closely with the client as peers and/or members of your team
  • Meeting with client to discuss feedback and how that impacts goals
Ongoing Executive Coaching Engagement
  • 6 to 12 months of executive coaching sessions
  • Possible assessment and debrief
  • Includes laser phone and email support as initiated by the client
Mid-Point Check-in
  • At the midpoint of the engagement, the client and coach will determine the most effective way to gather information about progress made (e.g. feedback gathered by client, coach or survey)
Executive Coaching Conclusion and Forward Action Planning
  • 3-way conversations with manage to assess progress and identify further areas of focus
  • If needed, stakeholder interviews with key personnel
  • Meeting with client to discuss feedback and to discuss further development
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Success Stories

Keith Duprey

Blue Cross NC, Innovation Garage, Senior Strategic Advisor

"Jenn Giordano’s executive coaching has been incredible. It has positively influenced my career path in 3 distinct ways: 1) most importantly, she has helped me understand my purpose and motivations more clearly, allowing me to be an authentic and present leader, 2) Jenn has helped me understand the constant complexities and navigate the ever-present political landscape often found in large organizations, and 3) Jenn’s extensive network across the US, and in North Carolina, has connected me to powerhouse leaders and opportunities that will forever shape the work I do towards fulfilling my life’s purpose. I always leave our conversations feeling lighter and brighter, which in and of itself is a blessing. So grateful for her and the heart leadership principles she brings to her work and her clients every day."