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What is Leadership Development?

Leadership entails each person becoming the best they can be, leveraging their strengths, working in their passions, and energizing their team around purposeful work. The Encompass Executive Leadership Program works closely with clients to ensure our workshops are customized to the specific needs of each cohort. We aim to develop the whole leader—connecting them with their innate strengths and showing them how they can be leveraged to inspire their teams and clients.


Encompass Leadership

The Program Includes:
  • 5 leadership development workshops
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Mentor program
  • Peer-to-peer programs
  • Speakers series

The Leadership Development Workshop Module Topics

Who am I as a leader?

Participants explore fundamental questions about leadership and begin articulating their own leadership style and goals.

What are my vision, mission, and values?

Vision, mission, and values together can create a ‘north star’ to guide companies forward as their strategies and tactics evolve. This session helps participants understand and begin to articulate what their organization is looking to achieve.

How do I influence?

In this course we turn the traditional ideas of influence and negotiation on its head. We move from the idea of "I (the influencer) need to push you (the influenced) to do what I want" to instead, asking you: "who are you trying to influence?" "what does the other person or situation need from you?" and "how do you both get what you want"? Together we work through an Influence and Negotiation Map grounded in real world people and situations.

Who is on my team?

Leaders get things done through motivating others; this is what makes the foundation of a high-performing team. We will examine who you need on your team and the roles each person needs to fulfill. We also look at strengths both in leaders themselves and others to ensure they are being strategic as they build and develop their high-performing teams.

How do I execute?

We know one of the biggest pitfalls of leadership is not knowing precisely how to execute on your vision, mission, and strategy. In order to drive toward success, it is imperative to be aware of your own behavioral pitfalls and understand how to prioritize through the noise and focus on the impactful work that needs to be done.

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Success Stories

Emilia Clarke
Jim Chomas
Founder & CEO Sur re Medical
"The program has been exceptionally valuable to me. I connected with peers who are going through the same challenges I am. They have the same questions and problems that I have and it’s been very rewarding to connect on these issues and discuss solutions in a group format."
Emilia Clarke
Anoymous Survey Responder
Tech Industry
"Loved nearly every minute of it. I am an improved leader, an improved coworker, and an improved human being. Very thankful my company signed me up. All of it was awesome. A very different type of training which has longer lasting impacts through real-world discussions and network building"
Emilia Clarke
Pamela Vetter
MBA, RAC Director, Regulatory Policy AlloSource
"I really appreciated the structure of the program. i.e. peer group and mentor meetings helped to reinforce the techniques and lessons that were shared in the classroom meetings"

Additional Leadership Development Offerings

One Day Masterclass
One Day Masterclass

Leadership Experience at all levels

Authentic Leadership
Authentic Leadership

Self as leader: what makes you tick

Leadership vs Management
Leadership vs Management

Leveraging strengths and styles

Inspiration & Motivation
Inspiration & Motivation

Leading High Performing Teams

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Customized Leadership Program

SmartfulWorks can work with clients to customize a leadership development program that uniquely matches the needs and goals of the team and organization.